Customer Care
We are customer centric and we leverage our expertise to deliver products and services that our clients need. We are flexible to meet specific customer requirements and to create fully customized fit-for-pur- pose products.

It is our people who make the difference. Our team is composed of talented, skilled, innovative and deter- mined professionals, who are motivated to solve technical challenges.

AGS’s quality is evaluated by the client who takes into account not just the validity of our solutions, but also their effectiveness, efficiency, timeliness and precision of our services.

This is possible only if everyone in the company share the same customer service culture: flexible manufacturing, rapid response, expert technical support, comprehensive after sales service and rapid decision-making.

We have 40 years of high level project experience, catering to the requirements of our customers in the GCC and overseas. This is what differentiates us.

AGS is committed to the delivery of quality, reliable and safe state-of-the-art products and solutions.

Our products are modular, industrial and designed to meet each client’s specific needs.
They reflect the 40 years experience in mechanical and electrical engineering know-how.

All products are certified and type tested by independent bodies.