Isolated Power Panels
Isolated Power Panels are designed to provide ungrounded service for a variety of hospital applications. They supply uninterrupted power in the event of one line-to-ground fault, while eliminating the danger of electrical shock. Should a fault occur, the proper alarm sounds but power is maintained to continue using critical equipment..

AGS’ commitment to quality and safety is reflected in the design and components incorporated in our Isolated Power Panels. Isolated Power Panels include the following features:

  • Isolation transformer
  • Line Isolation Monitor (LIM)
  • Circuit breakers for protection and control of individual circuits
  • Interior chassis engineered to order,
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel back box designed for flush or surface mounting
  • Stainless steel front trim panel with fully hinged door

Control Desk
Control Desks are Easy to operate and maintain, manufactured using premium quality raw materials by our ven- dors, based on the customized dimensions. These desk panels are widely appreciated in the industry for their robust construction, longer functional life and consistent performance. To cater to the varied client requirements, we provide the series in multiple specifications. Main features are:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Highly durable
  • Regular performance